SHP plan community presentations

Stone Hill Park Ltd will be giving community presentations to parish councils and other community groups in Thanet, in a bid to win over public opinion toward their proposals.

Their grand “masterplan” includes:

  • Suspending the digging up of half the runway for “heritage use“.
  • At least 4,000 houses.
  • A business park, despite the site being surrounded by a business park.
  • A “sports village” with swimming pool and surf lake, despite Kent’s best beaches being just around the corner.
  • Match Day Centres (a company which Trevor Cartner is a director of, funnily enough) running a football centre.

An invitation has also been extended to Thanet District Council for a presentation, despite the Council Leader banning councillors from receiving a presentation from RiverOak Strategic Partners.

You can organise a presentation for your own community group by calling Miranda Chapman or Lee Winter from Pillory Barn on 01622 684407.

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