Stone Hill Park offering “heritage runway”

Manston Airport site “owners” have, in their latest reincarnation of their “masterplan”, promised to retain half of its 9,016ft runway for the use of heritage flights.  They have also upped their estimate of housing from 2,500 to 4,000 houses.

Loudmouth disgraced ex-policeman Ray Mallon said, “Unlike the fantasy freight cargo hub from RSP, our proposals will honour Manston’s heritage as well as deliver real benefits for Thanet.”

Believe what you want Ray.  Your bosses have consistently stated they are “not airport people”.  If they think that this is a way to win over airport supporters, you are gravely mistaken.

Real benefits for Thanet cannot be delivered by swamping the isle with 4,000 unnecessary houses, which will deliver no employment, but put massive strain on the area’s infrastructure and services.  Instead, an operational airport, focusing on freight operations, will deliver real regeneration and growth, and more importantly, employment.

Our position remains clear.  We will accept nothing but an operational airport at Manston, and Cartner, Musgrave, Mallon, Gloag and Bradley out of Kent.

No to Stone Hill Park.

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