RSP 2018 Consultations to start

RiverOak Strategic Partners Limited is proposing to re-open Manston Airport in Kent, primarily as a cargo airport.  The proposals will help meet a growing demand for air freight in the UK, support the regional economy and protect the airport’s unique heritage.

Since their consultation held between 12 June and 23 July 2017, they have developed their proposals in response to feedback received.  They would now like to hear the public’s views on changes to the masterplan, additional environmental information and their proposed noise mitigation plan, in particular, although they will have regard to all responses that they receive on any issue relating to the Project.  Responses given during the 2017 consultation remain valid and need not be repeated.

Consultation on proposals starts today, Friday 12 January 2018.  The deadline for receiving responses to the consultation is 11.59pm on Friday 16 February 2018.

Feedback received during the consultation will be considered alongside the responses received to the previous consultation in 2017 and the on-going technical work, and used to help develop their final proposals before submitting the application later in 2018.

Copies of consultation documents and an online feedback form, as well as more information about the consultation and two events being held on Tuesday 23 January and Wednesday 24 January, are available at

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