SHP admit Op Stack bankrolling plans

Stone Hill Park have admitted that the money they are receiving for the potential use of Manston Airport as a lorry park is paying for their proposed development plans.

In January, it was reported that the Department for Transport had to date paid at least £5.7m to Stone Hill Park Ltd, despite the site never having been put to operational use.

In a response to this news, Ray Mallon said:

“A significant amount was spent preparing the site for HGVs to park there, including works to the runway parking area, toilet facilities and security. We also have agreements with a number of companies to ensure we’re able to have the site ready to receive lorries within three hours of being notified.”

“We have also ploughed money back into our development plans for the site.”

The toilet facilities and lighting are long gone.  The only thing that remains is the permanent damage to the runway and hard standings.  The grant junkies have clearly used this “free” money in order to revise and revise their “masterplan”, because it is obvious that had they had any money of their own, they would have given up when their appeal against the refusal to allow planning permission for change of use failed.

What is the world coming to when our tax payers’ money is being handed to private developers in order to help them destroy the very assets we are trying to protect?

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