Chris Musgrave

chris musgrave

Personal Life

(Joseph) Christopher Musgrave was born in December 1965.  He is married to Barbara, who was once fined £250 for running over a traffic controller in her Bentley.1  His son (also Joseph Christopher) is getting into the family business of property.

Business Life

Musgrave holds 32 company appointments (as at 10 Jan 2018), including, but not limited to:

  • Flaxby Park Ltd
  • East Kent Sports Village Ltd
  • Manston Park Ltd
  • Barnes Wallis Park Ltd
  • Saddlestone Development Ltd
  • Saddlestone Occident Ltd
  • Saddlestone West Ltd, and
  • Stone Hill Park Ltd



  1. “Tycoon’s wife in Wynyard road rage assault”, Gazette Live.  Retrieved 20th December 2017.