Ray Mallon

ray mallon

Thomas Raymond Mallon was born in June 1955 in Stockton-on-Tees.  He was the first directly-elected mayor of Middlesbrough and former detective superintendent of Cleveland Police.  In 2001, he was forced to resign from the Police after pleading guilty to 14 charges of misconduct.

Business Life

Ray took the role of non-executive director working with Cartner and Musgrave in May 2015.  He played water polo with Trevor Cartner in his youth.  The pair hired Mr Mallon to “try to win public support for their proposals”.1

Ray is a director of three companies, but most notably of Reverso Consultancy Limited, of which he shares directorship with Jayne Thwaites2, his former colleague at Cleveland Police.


Ray has courted many a controversy in his working life. Middlesbrough is struggling now because of multiple false promises made by Mallon, such as the failed plans for an East Middlesbrough Bypass.

On 2nd November 2017, Mallon was spotted having a secret meeting with Thanet District Council leader Chris Wells in a pub in Broadstairs without a council officer present.3

A report into the controversial sales of three properties by Middlesbrough Council found there had been “unacceptable” risks taken, although did not identify evidence of criminal activity.  One of these properties, the TAD Centre, was sold for £400,000 to Nasser Din, the former election agent of ex-mayor Ray Mallon.  However it has been independently valued at £600,000 and the council also rejected higher bids from other parties.4  A whistleblower who originally raised the concerns that lead to this report was found to be unfairly dismissed, after she was alleged to have been told to keep quiet, as it could cause embarrassment to Mallon.5



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